Excuse me for being late to the party, but box subscriptions are pretty much my new favourite thing. I’d already done extensive research and had carefully considered my options before finally settling on Spooky Box Club. If you’re familiar with the concept of box subscriptions, you’ve probably heard of them before, since they’re one of the biggest alternative lifestyle boxes out there.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept: a box subscription consists of a recurring delivery of goods that fit within a certain theme or lifestyle. Spooky Box Club, as the name suggests, delivers “exclusive alternative lifestyle goods with an emphasis on cute, witchy, gothic, interests and styles”. Every month a different theme is announced and a new box is filled with exclusive and handmade goodies from a wide range of (small) businesses.

The Spooky Stationery box was so worth the wait 🎃💀

Een bericht gedeeld door 🦇 • S A S K I A • 🦇 (@catacombxcat) op

As for the contents of the box, I’ve received about six deliveries now and I have not been disappointed yet. Even though some themes initially speak to me more than others, the goodies are always lovely and practical, which is quite important to someone living in a small studio with limited storage space. Most of the items I use regularly – things like mugs, jewellery, notebooks, and pins always come in handy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice some of my Spooky Box Club loot pop up quite regularly.

Fun fact: you can also backorder past boxes, so if you’re not interested in subscribing, you can just decide to order a single box. So far, the Witch’s Cottage Box and the The Entomologist’s Study Box have been my favourites, but I’m very excited about the upcoming Coven box as well.

Of course Spooky Box Club is not the only goth subscription service out there. During my quest for the perfect box I came across a few other ones that tickled my fancy as well. These are definitely worth checking out as well:

What are your thoughts on box subscriptions, have you tried them before or are you planning to? To me, it feels like getting a present every month and I don’t think I’ll ever quite stop being excited over that.