Time for a small update on my makeup challenge! If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have noticed the increase in selfies makeup looks lately. It all started after I’d impulsively got my medusa pierced and realised that I really loved the look of it on photos. My brand new smartphone has also improved my selfie game considerably (for my fellow geeks, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8).

Honestly, I haven’t been following my own challenge rules quite so closely; most looks are the product of random bursts of productivity at 3am. I’m currently trying to turn myself into a morning person and needless to say, it’s not going well. The reason for that (drumroll please) is that I’ve enrolled in university again. Since I’m going to keep working at the same time, that leaves very little time for myself and my hobbies, so this is also a little heads up to let you know that I won’t be able to update as much as I’d like. But don’t worry, I haven’t disappeared (again), my mind is still buzzing with ideas, all I need is some time to work them out.

In the meanwhile, don’t hesitate to also give my makeup challenge a try. No need to do it in the course of a single month, I’m also taking the time I need to make sure it doesn’t turn into a chore. What have you been up to lately? Anyone else combining work and studies? Any tips for this summer child that has no idea what she’s getting herself into?